Want to Learn to Draw Cars?

by | Dec 5, 2017

Anthony Lauro

Anthony Lauro

Automotive Sculptor

By my calculations I’ve been drawing cars seven days a week for the past 25+ years. To put that in perspective that is roughly 9,100 days of drawing. You would think that based on all of my experience I would have nothing left to learn. Not true. An artist never stops learning. Or at least we should strive to never be complacent. There is always something valuable to learn. Scott Robertson makes it easier than ever if you want to learn how to draw cars or expand your knowledge.

If you want to learn how to draw and render cars or simply add new skills to your arsenal than these incredible books by Scott Robertson are a “must have”.

They are jam packed cover to cover with an unending supply of knowledge and skills for aspiring car designers. If I had these back during my college days I could have saved a lot of money in tuition! These two books are literally better teachers than any of the professors I had at the Cleveland Institute of art. No joke. They were a giant help in fine tuning my concept drawings for my automotive sculpture.

For those of who who haven’t heard, Scott Robertson is a legendary Concept Artist best known for his transportation design work. The man has a list of accomplishments a mile long. Even better, he loves to share his knowledge and does so through his books and amazing YouTube videos.

Seriously, I get emails day in and out from young kids looking to break into car design or automotive art. I can’t recommend Scott’s work enough. If you are serious about learning how to be a master at design follow this man’s every word. It doesn’t matter if you want to shape metal or become an illustrator. Learning to draw complex surfaces and forms is essential to success.

Order these books now and start doing instead of dreaming!

scott robertson
scott robertson

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